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The primary reason to choose a rear-facing car seat for your child is that it is the safest way to travel. Studies based on actual accidents show that the risk of serious injury in a collision increases up to 5 times for children who travel in forward-facing car seats, compared to children travelling in rear-facing car seats.

For children travelling in a rear-facing car seat, at least nine out of ten are saved from serious injuries in a collision. Many recommend that children should travel in a rear-facing car seat up to 4 years old. We at Axkid always recommend having your children travelling in a rear-facing car seat for as long as possible, up to 25 kg or 6 years.


Axkid always put children first and want to protect as many children as possible on the roads. We always recommend that your children travel rear-facing for as long as possible. Rear-facing car seats reduce child injuries by as much as 90 percent. At Axkid, we consider ourselves flexible and fast-footed in our mission and want our products to accommodate family life and day-to-day living, not the other way around. We never compromise, and we never cut corners.


Mums, dads, single parents, grandparents, caregivers – all families are unique. One thing that we have in common is the busy schedule and the lack of time. Axkid Modukid modular system is the best solution for families who are looking for a safe option and smooth installation. Thanks to the safe and easy installation and the functionality of the rear-facing modular system, you can have both.


The Axkid Modukid offers a modular system with a unique ISOFIX base, which enables maximum safety for your child. The Axkid Modukid infant is suitable from 75cm and once outgrown the Axkid Modukid Seat will protect your baby up to 18kg. All are approved to the latest i-Size regulation offering the ultimate protection.


Rear-facing car seats from Axkid



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