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Choosing a pram

Choosing the right pram needn’t be a minefield, as mum-of-two Claire Muffett-Reece explains

Invite your parents when browsing for your first pram and chances are they’ll comment on the price of most models. They’ve got a point – a pram is set to be one of the most expensive purchases you make for your new baby. However, prams have certainly come on over the years. Nowadays expect to be wowed by adjustable footrests, all-terrain wheels, fold flat mechanisms and a whole host of other features, leaving many parents-to-be perplexed over what’s the right system for them. Never fear – Mum Plus One is here, with a handy guide on choosing the right pram for you…

What’s your type?

Making sure you know the difference between the many types of pram available is the first step to consider when choosing the right system. As a general rule, a pram is designed to carry babies from birth – which means they lie flat – and will have your baby facing you. Sturdy in build, you’ll need to transition in to a pushchair as your child grows, as they’ll be keen to sit up and view the world around them while you’re out and about.

A pushchair or buggy, meanwhile, is usually designed for around six months or up, and is a much more lightweight option that can flatten down with ease. Depending on how many young children you have, you can opt to invest in a twin or tandem variety, which come with seats side-by-side or in front of the other.

Then there’s the models of travel systems available on the market to consider. One of the most popular choices for new mums and dads, think of this like an ‘all-inclusive package’, as they boast a carrycot, pushchair and car seat, all of which can be removed and attached to the main frame when needed. This means you can go from pram to seat as your baby grows, without having to invest in a new pushchair.

What’s right for you?

As hard as it is not to be swayed by your favourite reality star showcasing the latest buggy design, choosing a pram has to boil down to what works for you as a family. With this in mind start by looking at portability, as this is a major issue for every mum and dad. If you’ve access to a car it’s vital you measure the boot space, as you need to make sure the pram you’ve got your eye on will actually fit! Don’t forget to take into account additional boot space for shopping, your changing bag and anything else you need to transport; and make sure you’re 100% confident in both opening and flattening down the system by yourself.

The weight and size of your chosen pram or system is also something you need to consider. Will it fit through your front door; are stairs involved before you access your property – and do you even have space in your hall to leave it up if needed?

Then there’s the reasons you’re using the pram to take into account. For one new parent a simple trip to the shops will suffice, meaning a standard pram with a large shopping basket is preferable. Other mums and dads may want to go on long country walks with their new family in tow, meaning front wheels that can be fixed into position – and all-terrain tyres – are something to look out for. Finally, don’t forget to have that chat about whether you’re planning to have another baby in the not-too-distant future, as you can even buy prams that can be adapted to grow with your family.


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