Baby and You

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With you throughout pregnancy, birth and beyond. 

As a family brand through the generations, at vital baby® we care about all parents-to-be, mums, dads, carers, grandparents and, of course, babies as though they are part of our own family.  We aim to help make family life that bit easier, relaxing and more enjoyable.

Our extensive and innovative range of newborn and toddler feeding, changing, teething, drinking, bath-time, healthcare and hygiene products have been designed with you and your baby in mind.



Our NURTURE™ range includes a number of products perfect for breastfeeding and sterilising.  The range has been introduced for your peace of mind, reassurance, convenience and ease of use.



Germs, odours and bacteria can be a thing of the past with vital baby® HYGIENE™. With this range, you can be reassured you are doing the best to keep your baby, family and home clean, hygienic and safe.  Consisting of our odour-trap™ nappy disposal system, wipes and AQUAINT® sanitising water, our HYGIENE™ products help eliminate harmful germs, smells and bacteria.



Our PROTECT™ collection of products has the health and safety of babies as its priority, caring when they need it most.  Consisting of the PROTECT™ healthcare kit and PROTECT™ nasal decongester, the range contains essential healthcare items needed for the first year of the parenting journey.



 The new SPLASH™ toy range has been designed to encourage play and confidence in the water, helping to develop key skills such as hand-eye coordination. These bath toys are colourful and bright to engage babies and toddlers.  Just the right size for small hands, this collection of animal favourites is sure to keep little ones entertained – so much so, once they get in the bath, they won’t want to get out!



For when your baby is ready to take on the world of weaning, our NOURISH™ and HYDRATE ranges bring a unique and innovative collection of suction bowls and plates, cutlery, freezer pots, cups and snack pots.  Designed to provide solutions for every step of the weaning, self-feeding and drinking journey, there is a product for every age, stage and need.

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