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Caring for you from birth and beyond – welcome to the vital family

Pregnancy is one of the most incredible and unforgettable times of your life.

From the moment the positive result appears, to seeing your little bundle on-screen for the first time, to feeling the wriggles as baby develops, the journey is absolutely life changing.


At vital baby® we recognise that no two experiences, families or babies are the same and we are on hand every step of the way, helping make your family life that bit easier, relaxing and more enjoyable.


Our breastfeeding, sterilising, healthcare and nappy changing products have been carefully designed for your peace of mind, reassurance and convenience.


Keep abreast of feeding


The benefits of breastfeeding are well known. Breast milk is free, sterile and packed with antibodies and nutrients to protect baby. However, it isn’t always easy.  It can take time for both of you to get the hang of things.


There is no right or wrong way to breastfeed, but both baby and you must be comfortable.  Ask your midwife or health visitor for advice on positions, how to establish feeding or to check on baby’s latch.


Our NURTURE™ range of breast pumps, breast pads and milk storage bags gives you the best choice for you and your baby.


To ensure you can offer the benefit of your breastmilk at all times, you may choose to express.  Our NURTURE™ flexcone™ electric breast pump has been designed to help make expressing as relaxing and as natural as possible. It provides gentle cushioning around the breast and with a 2-phase expression, mimics the suckling action of your baby to provide the most discreet, comfortable, fast and effective expression ever.



Keep it clean


Health and hygiene are two issues parents really care about, and they’re top of our list too.  Let’s face it, caring for a baby and creating a hygienic environment can feel never ending.  With the right equipment, some common sense and a routine, these tasks become second nature and you can feel confident that baby will be safe.


Our HYGIENE™ AQUAINT® sanitising water is revolutionary – a 100% natural cleaning water that kills 99.9% of bacteria in seconds and it is safe enough to use on baby’s hands from birth.


Keep nappy smells at bay with our HYGIENE™ odour-trap™ nappy disposal system. With its patented seal it has been carefully developed to lock-in unpleasant aromas to keep the nursery smelling clean and fresh. Unlike others, there is no need for any expensive plastic refills or cassettes, meaning less plastic into landfill and a substantial cost saving to you. Any plastic bag is compatible with the system, and it will hold up to 25 nappies, saving you multiple trips to the bin, meaning more time to spend with baby!


Breast pump parts and breast milk storage containers should all be sterilised until your baby is 12 months, as milk can harbour harmful bacteria which could make your little one poorly.  There are many different sterilising options out there.


Our newest innovation uses the latest ultraviolet LED technology to safely kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses.  Effective and easy to use, our stylish and clever NURTURE™ pro UV steriliser & dryer has been proven to destroy bacteria after only 11 minutes.  Efficient, safe, versatile, eco-friendly and low-maintenance, it can sterilise a number of items including accessories, teethers, toys, cosmetic products and even mobile phones, so remains a useful household essential long after your baby’s products no longer need sterilising.


Keep bugs at bay


As a new parent, you want to do the very best for your baby.  As they build their immune system, they will pick up a few sniffles and bugs along the way.  As a parent, you will know if your baby is not well, trust your instincts.

Our award-winning PROTECT™ baby healthcare kit contains essential healthcare items needed for the early months of the parenting journey.

Containing a baby nasal decongester, a 3-in-1 flexisafe fever alarm baby thermometer for oral, underarm and rectal use, and a 2 in 1 bath and nursery thermometer, this handy baby care kit in a hygienic carry case will help protect your little one from harm’s way.


Magic milestones

You may not want to think about it just yet, but after all the craziness of the first few months, the milestones will come thick and fast! From baby’s first smile, to rolling, sitting, crawling and weaning, the next few years will be full of many firsts.  Enjoy them (oh and don’t forget us…we have great products for weaning and feeding too!)


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Welcome to the #vitalfamily – with you throughout pregnancy, birth and beyond. 


As a family brand through the generations, at vital baby® we care about all parents-to-be, mums, dads, carers, grandparents and, of course, babies as though they are part of our own family.  We aim to help make family life that bit easier, relaxing and more enjoyable.


Our extensive and innovative range of newborn and toddler feeding, changing, teething, drinking, bath-time, healthcare and hygiene products have been designed with you and your baby in mind.




Our NURTURE™ range includes a number of products perfect for breastfeeding and sterilising.  The range has been introduced for your peace of mind, reassurance, convenience and ease of use.




Germs, odours and bacteria can be a thing of the past with vital baby® HYGIENE™. With this range, you can be reassured you are doing the best to keep your baby, family and home clean, hygienic and safe.  Consisting of our odour-trap™ nappy disposal system, wipes and AQUAINT® sanitising water, our HYGIENE™ products help eliminate harmful germs, smells and bacteria.





Our PROTECT™ collection of products has the health and safety of babies as its priority, caring when they need it most.  Consisting of the PROTECT™ healthcare kit and PROTECT™ nasal decongester, the range contains essential healthcare items needed for the first year of the parenting journey.







The new SPLASH™ toy range has been designed to encourage play and confidence in the water, helping to develop key skills such as hand-eye coordination. These bath toys are colourful and bright to engage babies and toddlers.  Just the right size for small hands, this collection of animal favourites is sure to keep little ones entertained – so much so, once they get in the bath, they won’t want to get out!




For when your baby is ready to take on the world of weaning, our NOURISH™ and HYDRATE ranges bring a unique and innovative collection of suction bowls and plates, cutlery, freezer pots, cups and snack pots.  Designed to provide solutions for every step of the weaning, self-feeding and drinking journey, there is a product for every age, stage and need.


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