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Super Camps

Super Camps are a leading provider of childcare in the UK, offering Ofsted Registered holiday camps throughout the school holidays for children aged 4-12. We run camps at over 60 locations across the UK, from London, up to North Yorkshire and as far down as Truro.

Multi-Activity Camps

Our Multi-Activity camps offer children aged 4-12 a jam-packed schedule of exciting activities. Whether you need an individual day of childcare or multiple weeks over the holidays Super Camps provide an excellent solution for parents looking for school holiday childcare.

Each week Super Camps chooses a fun and engaging theme from which to personalise activities for the children, this means that week-on-week whilst our core activities remain the same, the children will always be doing something different.

Super Camps: Early Years

Our Early Years children, aged 5 and under, have activities which are thoughtfully planned out with an exploratory and fun approach to provide the learning experiences that young children need to be creative and to develop their social skills, whilst in the care of our experienced staff. Through engaging child and adult led sessions, the seven areas of learning for the early years foundation stage are complimented, providing children with a new adventure every day.

Activities for the Early Years group includes:

  • Messy Play
  • Story Book Detectives
  • Outdoor Explorers
  • Let’s Get Active
  • Pretend & Play
  • Quiet Time
  • Creation Station

Super Camps: Ages 6 and above

We know that our children aged 6+ are full of beans, so we have designed a programme that will stimulate and entertain throughout the holiday. At this age the children are encouraged to help their activity instructor make the choices for the day’s activities, encouraging their independence. All of our activities have been designed to enable children aged 6+ to explore and find new skills, whilst developing their social skills and making new friends.

Core Activities include:

  • Team Challenges
  • Arts and Crafts
  • LEGO®? Workshops
  • Playground Games
  • Multi-sports Sessions

Some of our camps also have the following activities, (please check your local camp page for details)

  • Archery
  • Bouncy Castles
  • Laser Tag
  • Swimming
  • Archery Tag

Super Camps: Ages 10 and above

Children in this group are given the chance to really explore and problem solve and above all encouraged to keep active. They take part in games which are challenging for the abler but which also maintain a positive outlook on sport for those who perceive them to be less able. Social skills are further developed by a range of team challenges and problem solving games.

Specialist Courses

For children that are after something a little different, Super Camps provides week-long specialist courses at specified camps around the UK during the summer holidays. Our courses include:

A Passion For Cookery: children aged 8-14 will cook an exciting mix of sweet and savoury dishes which will test and develop their culinary skills and enable them to impress friends and family alike with some delicious take-home treats.

A Passion For LEGO®? Play: this course is a must-do for any mini LEGO®? enthusiasts aged 6-12 and will connect the love of the brick to the world around them with different themes each day. For example: on vehicles day the children will understand how vehicles are constructed, they will create their own LEGO®?vehicle and then go outdoors and race their creations.

RAW Outdoor Adventure: young adventurers aged 8-14 will learn the core values for survival in the modern world: responsibility, resilience, respect and courage – and have a terrific time in the process with great activities ranging from tomahawk throwing to critter eating.

At Super Camps there really is something for everyone. We invest time and our passion into creating session planners that ensures everyone who comes has an unforgettable day.

Whether your child likes exploring the outdoors and making new friends or loves picking up a paintbrush and getting creative, Super Camps has your childcare covered.



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