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H1: The 5 questions parents need to ask, but don't, when buying a stroller

First experiences have a very important effect on the future. The growth of your baby’s brain is affected by the care and experiences you provide, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics.

To enhance your baby’s experiences from infancy, ask these important questions when purchasing a stroller;

Does it promote interaction with their surroundings?

Does it help develop motor skills?

How close to the ground they sit?

What do they learn while riding?

Raising these queries can help you sort the products that are focused on parent comfort, from products that combine child development benefits with parent comfort.


Combine parent-focused benefits with child-focused benefits

By preferring an active smarTrike® over a passive stroller seat, you can watch as your baby safely learns how to steer, pedal and process various stimuli.

Using a “grow with me” product, smarTrike® kids can practice new skills with a multi-stage trike that they’ll enjoy until the age of 3 and beyond.


The STR7

Bring home this ultimate folding trike in luxurious design, designed to grow with your baby from 6 months.

The comfortably padded baby seat reclines for naptime and our effortless Touch Steering® patent gives the parent easy maneuvering and control over the trike. This trike folds up compactly, making it the ideal travel choice for all families.

Watch as your baby grows and develop new skills with the STR™ 7 is perfect for families on-the-go!


The STR3

This 6 in 1 tricycle is designed to fit your kid from 10 months to 3 years and transforms from a baby push tricycle to a toddler tricycle. The STR™3 features a reclining seat and folds up compactly, making it the ideal travel choice for all families.


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