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Should you worry about child’s electromagnetic radiation exposure?

Do you feel concerned by electromagnetic waves? Did you ever realise that your cordless baby monitor emits radiation? That your DECT phone is a mast in your own home acting as a transmitter? Even if you can’t see it, electromagnetic radiation is all around your baby. Have you ever thought whether it might be harmful to your baby’s health? Babymoov gives you some recommendations to limit electromagnetic waves!

We are exposed to electromagnetic waves every day, and children are ever more sensitive to them than adults are.

Wireless systems are expanding, fast. From smartphones to WI-FI networks, we live surrounded by electromagnetic waves. We take these technologies for granted but they have only been around for ten years and no one has established yet the long term consequences of exposure on humans.

Over-exposed children…

A special physiology
There is evidence that babies are much more sensitive to electromagnetic waves because their brain, which is still developing, absorbs 60% more of them than the brain of an adult (Gandhi O. P., Lazzi G., Furse C.M., Absorption of electromagnetic radiation in the human head and neck).

Aggraving factors
Today babies are the 1st generation to be exposed to waves at every stage of their biological development, from pregnancy onwards.


The application of the precautionary principle
Electromagnetic pollution has seen a 400-fold increase over the last century, and the international scientific community has not yet reached any definitive conclusions about its effects. Babymoov believes that we cannot under-estimate a potential threat of this magnitude and since 2006, it has decided to apply a precautionary principle and became the first brand to take into account the issue of electromagnetic waves in developing its baby monitors.

Choosing low emission powers
In 2012, Babymoov put its ability for innovation to the service of well-being by creating audio baby monitors with a brand new technology called Digital Green, which combined the performance
levels of digital technology (clear sound and zero interference) with the safety of low-emission power levels.

Objective: 0 waves!
Babymoov went further by developing the first and only 0-emission video monitor on the market. This patented camera uses the PLC (Power Line Communication) technology to move the emission of the video and audio signals away from the baby’s room and into the area of the house where the internet modem and router are located.


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Its recommended that babies feet are positioned at the bottom of the cot and that baby sleeps in the same room as the parents for the first 6 months.


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