Baby and You

New mum beauty hacks

Keeping your grooming routine on track with a new baby is hard but not impossible, explains Claire Muffett-Reece

You’ve just had a baby – congratulations! You’re utterly amazing and incredible, even if you don’t necessarily feel like that right now. Chances are you’ll be video chatting with friends and family keen to meet your precious little bundle, but a combination of bloodshot eyes, post-pregnancy pimples and greasy locks aren’t the ideal prerequisites when clicking that video chat icon!

Fear not – these simple, speedy hair and beauty hacks are the perfect way to help you feel your best…


Pregnancy can be a cruel mistress… one minute you’re tossing your thick, glossy mane around, the next you’re left with lank and limp locks. Not only that, but now your baby’s here your hair’s falling out at a rapid rate – is this cause for concern?

Panic not – post-partum hair loss is totally normal – it’s just your hormones balancing by shedding the hair you would’ve lost had you not been pregnant. However, it’s not the nicest thing to experience, so why not put the zing back in your style with some simple at-home tricks and treatments?

Make sure you take the time to deep condition your hair at least once a week when washing – those extra two minutes in the shower (which you really can spare) will make all the difference to how your hair feels. In between washes hide any hint of greasy locks with dry shampoo.


Looking in the mirror after having a baby can sometimes give you a bit of a fright. The dark circles around your eyes have taken on a life of their own – and you swear you’ve a few more wrinkles than you had just a few short days ago.

Luckily for you, looking after your skin while juggling a newborn is possible – it’s all about fitting things in around their schedule, not to mention using products that work while you sleep. Try to keep up with using your pre-baby cleanser, toner and moisturiser – if you do it regularly, it will soon become part of your routine. On the days that time runs away with you, try to pop on moisturiser after you’ve showered, and always take any make-up off at the end of the day – even if it’s just with a face wipe.

Speaking of make-up, a little concealer goes a long way in the fight to hide the fact you’ve had zero sleep! With this in mind, be sure to pick up a new one before baby makes an appearance, adding mascara and tinted moisturiser to your shopping basket for three make-up staples you’re going to rely on over the next few months. Finally, have an eye and night cream on your bedside table, dabbing some on before you enjoy a little shuteye to help get your skin ready for the following day.


Don’t get us wrong: EVERY BODY IS BEAUTIFUL, regardless of whether you’ve just given birth to a new life or not! By this we simply mean helping your skin to look and feel as good as possible, as you may be feeling a little alarmed by the appearance of new stretch marks and changes to your body shape. It’s important you start by eating a healthy balanced diet, speaking to your GP about nutritional advice after having a baby. Next, up the moisturising routine, investing in a moisturising shower gel if you’re short on time – or why not moisturise your own skin after you’ve done your baby’s as part of your daily routine?

Stretch mark creams and cellulite lotions are also available in abundance – and can help reduce their appearance – but for a super-quick cheat, a good-quality self-tan works wonders! Pop your little one down for their nap and when they wake, you’ll be tanned and moisturised – and will feel much better to boot!


Feel like you’ll never walk through the salon doors again? Don’t panic; you will get to visit them soon, but in the meantime there are a few cheats you can do from the comfort of your own home. For a start, get out the tweezers – remember, they’re the things you used to use before microblading – and pluck any stray hairs that will be sprouting in abundance. Next, buy some at-home waxing strips or hair removal cream, grabbing a bit of privacy when you baby’s gone down for the night to tackle any excess hair. Speaking of beauty shopping,
it’s also wise to invest in some whitening toothpaste – your teeth will certainly need it, thanks to the numerous cups of coffee you’re no doubt consuming throughout the day.

It’s also important not to neglect your hands and feet – as much as you believe they’re the least important part of your new mum beauty regime. Think of the amount of times you now wash your hands every day, using nail oil and hand cream whenever you have the time. A manicure may seem like a distant memory but it doesn’t have to be, spending half an hour one evening filing your nails, before applying a couple of coats of polish and finishing with top coat. Finally, remember to look after your tootsies – being on your feet all day will soon build up hard, dry skin on your heels. It doesn’t have to be an expensive treatment, either – you can simply fill a washing up bowl with warm water, before adding some bubble bath to soak your feet in while breastfeeding or watching the TV!


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