Baby and You


Multi-award winning skincare products for pregnancy, new mum and baby

Let’s be honest, many women will experience physical side effects from pregnancy and childbirth. From the early days of sickness and nausea, then having irritated and stretched skin, to perineal swelling and bruising and cracked nipples after birth, and not forgetting having a baby with a sore, red bottom, motherhood can be tough.


Designed by midwives, developed by aromatherapists and leading chemists and glowingly recommended by many thousands of mums, these products help to overcome these side-effects of pregnancy, childbirth, and being a new mum or baby.


Made by carefully blending safe and proven premium ingredients, including a wide range of natural botanicals, these products can soothe and calm soreness, as well as relieve many symptoms and physical side effects commonly experienced in pregnancy and after baby is born.


A hospital bag essential is Spritz for Bits with ingredients known to help reduce inflammation and discomfort for post-birth relief after childbirth.








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