Baby and You

Message from Professor Lesley Regan, RCOG

Professor Lesley Regan

Welcome to the new edition of Mum Plus One, which I hope will provide you with useful guidance and support on your journey through pregnancy and into motherhood.

The birth of a new baby is one of the most enjoyable and important events in a family’s life. I clearly remember the day that my twin daughters were born nearly 25 years ago and the joy and excitement that I felt at their safe arrival. However, even with my rose-tinted spectacles, I do also remember my feelings of anxiety during the pregnancy and my fears about what my future as a mother would be like.

This issue of Mum Plus One provides a wealth of practical advice and information which I hope will answer many of your questions and concerns, and let you focus solely on the positive aspect of becoming a parent. As well as a month-by-month guide to your pregnancy, it includes details of what to expect from labour and birth, advice on what to eat and a guide to childcare.

You will also find an article on your options if your baby is breech towards the end of your pregnancy, which is taken from information the RCOG produces for women. A breech baby at the end of pregnancy only happens in around 3–4 in every 100 pregnancies, but I hope you find this information useful should you need to know more about breech.

I do hope that you find this issue helpful, and wish you the best of luck for your pregnancy and beyond.

With best wishes,
Professor Lesley Regan
President, Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists




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