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Maternity Wear

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Being pregnant is a fantastic excuse to go clothes shopping, with stylish and comfortable options that perfectly cater for that rapidly growing bump as Claire Muffett-Reece explains

Dressing up

Congratulations on your pregnancy! Whether it’s your first time or you’ve already got a family patiently waiting for their brother or sister, now’s the perfect time to sit back and assess your wardrobe – as well as your soon-to-be changing body shape.
Unsure what pieces are essential as well as what you should invest in and when? Read on for some savvy advice.



The first point to remember – before you eagerly splash out on a whole new wardrobe – is that most of your current clothes will still probably fit you. Avoid wearing tight fitting trousers with zip and button. A-line skirts are perfect for hiding a tummy at the office, while leggings and joggers are every girl’s best friend at the weekend for both comfort and concealing factors.


At this crucial stage of pregnancy, it’s imperative you get fitted for a good maternity bra. You may also be surprised to see how quickly your breasts can grow at this initial stage – again creating much speculation by the office water cooler!


Still can’t live without splurging on a few essentials? Why not take advantage of all the online maternity fashion websites available, getting deliveries straight to your door when your bout of morning sickness prevents you from heading in to town. Online stores offer free returns and you can order several sizes and try them on in the comfort of your own home.



Having finally broken the news to your work colleagues – and putting those weight gain rumours to rest – it’s time to splash out on a few select pieces to keep you looking career-savvy. A few key items that will last the distance are a must, such as some office-worthy wrap dresses and even a suit that expands in both the jacket and trousers. Whatever you do make sure you choose staples that you can mix and match, to avoid feeling like you are just wearing the same old outfit time and time again.


There’s a great range of maternity lingerie to choose from to help you maintain your sense of style. Visit a specialist maternity shop to get measured now you’ve hit the second trimester – as your bust will no doubt have grown again – before choosing a range of comfortable but attractive underwear sets.


It might sound boring but it’s vital you don’t go OTT when it comes to buying maternity wear, choosing a few classic staples that will last the distance as opposed to an entire new wardrobe. A good coat if it’s coming up to the colder months is one such essential, while maternity jeans – should you choose under or over the bump styles – will mean you can still feel comfortable and stylish all in one.



Ask any women how she feels during her third trimester and many will utter the word ‘huge’ – meaning looking stylish has never been a more important factor. Most larger high street stores offer maternity sections in similar styles to the normal ranges, so you can still keep up with the latest trends.


Yup, we’re on about your underwear yet again, with visiting for another bra fitting essential once you’ve reached the third trimester. However, don’t think this is the final time you’ll be visiting – as your cup size can increase further still once your milk comes in! It’s therefore important not to go too crazy when buying new bras, with two to three a general rule so you’ve always got a clean one to hand.


It’s your last chance to don your finest before two becomes three and an evening out involves babysitters and constant phone calls home to check everything is alright! The good news is the host of online and in-store maternity evening options means you don’t have to squeeze yourself in to anything uncomfortable, with maternity knickers also available to pull areas in you’d rather weren’t so wide. will mean you can still feel comfortable and stylish all in one.




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