Baby and You

Make sleep time a happy time

Get extra peace of mind at baby’s bedtime knowing they’re happy, safe and comfortable

Sleep time can be trying and tiring for babies and parents alike. Babies love a routine at bedtime. And a little bit of calm entertainment before they nod off can work wonders.

You’ve got to get some rest, too. It’s difficult to relax if you’re constantly up and down and checking on baby and worrying that everything’s okay.

That’s where the BT 350 Digital Baby Monitor Lightshow comes in. It’s a clever little piece of kit that can help lull your baby to sleep and allow you to get on with other things – or get some worry-free sleep yourself.

Hear even the lightest stir
This baby monitor has crystal clear HD sound so you can hear your baby breathe, gurgle, snuffle or cry when you aren’t in the room. It even has a talk-back feature, which means you can speak into it to calm your baby from another room.

Soothe your baby to sleep with a twinkly lightshow
The built-in lightshow is unique to BT baby monitors, and projects dreamy images of stars and moons onto the ceiling. The gentle shapes help calm your baby. There are also adjustable nightlight
and torch functions so you can find your way around baby’s room without having to turn on the main light.

Sing them back to sleep with dreamy lullabies and sounds

Use the lullabies feature to play some soft music or nursery rhymes. Or you can play sounds that help babies sleep, like ocean waves or white noise.

Packed with other features to give you extra peace of mind
There’s a light to reassure you that the monitor is on and working, and a range alert if you move the monitor too far away. But don’t worry: it’s got a huge range of up to 50m indoors and 300m outdoors, so you can be pretty sure to always be in contact as you move around your home. Other features include a mute function, a room temperature monitor, feed timer and an alert to let you know when your baby’s crying.

Want to see as well as hear your baby?
Take a look at our clever, top-of-the-range BT Video Baby Monitor 7500 Lightshow. It has everything a BT 350 Digital Baby Monitor Lightshow has plus a video camera to let you see your baby
from another room. And you can even get up close and personal with a pan or zoom feature.

Tired of Singing?
Quite a few parents are That’s why  per cent say the monitor’s musical lullabies are one of the best features to help get their baby to sleep Another  per cent especially like the white noise in place of music And when they do still have the energy to sing per cent have sung to their child through their handy baby monitor

Find out more about the BT  Digital Baby Monitor Lightshow and BT Video Baby Monitor  Lightshow at


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