Baby and You



It’s time to care more for the garments that mean something to us. Trust AEG washing machines and tumble dryers to keep your clothes feeling like new - even those one-of-a-kind pieces that are more than just fabric. Our laundry machines provide incredible gentleness and superb washing and drying results so you can wash and dry - without fear.


A year of free protection for parents

Your child’s first years are among the most important – so being prepared for anything life throws your way is vital. That’s why we offer a year of free life insurance for each parent for every one of their children under 4.


Keep an eye on your little one with our award-winning baby monitors


Award-winning Kegel trainer and app. Strengthen and tone your pelvic floor for better bladder control, postnatal recovery and even sex!

What skills would you love to pass on to your child? From riding a bike to learning a language, the opportunities are endless and it can be hard to know where – and when – to start. Good money management is an invaluable skill, and it’s a habit that has its roots earlier than you might think.


Our simply brilliant products are cleverly designed with unique parent-friendly features – keep exploring to meet a few that are so brilliant they are the first of their kind

Palmer’s new formula is specifically designed to keep your skin beautiful and healthy-looking during pregnancy. Blended with ethically and sustainably sourced Cocoa and Shea Butters, Coconut Oil,  Seed Oil and natural Vitamin E together with Lutein, Collagen and Elastin to help improve moisture and elasticity. Dermatologist approved.


At PEUGEOT we understand that another vital moment in those formative first days is those tentative first drives. Enjoying or enduring these initial trips in the early years can seem like the most important journeys you’ve ever made.

A wide range of high-performance conservatories, perfectly tailored to you. Warm, elegant and bright, every conservatory features high performance glass and endless design options.


XLS-Medical Max Strength’s active ingredient is Clavitanol™, a patented natural ingredient which is clinically proven to reduce the break down and absorption of carbohydrates, sugar and fat. This results in reduced calorie intake which helps you to lose more weight than through dieting and exercise alone.


Common Pregnancy Ailments

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Your Pregnancy Diary

The next nine months are all about you and your bump

Birthing Options

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A helping hand

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