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Pregnancy can be one of the most special times in a woman’s life. But it can sometimes feel quite daunting. Your hormones are changing and a stream of advice is being given to you. When to announce the pregnancy? What to eat? Will you find out the sex? The list of decisions can feel endless. Unsurprising that more than one in ten expectant mums experience some form of anxiety.

We aren’t here to give advice or guidance. We won’t pretend to cure your swollen feet, aching back or help decide what pram to order. We just want to encourage you to be kind to you.

Mums-to-be have trusted Horlicks for over 140 years because it provides a feeling of comfort and relaxation with added nutritional support for mum and baby. It’s deliciously rich and creamy and makes a change from coffee or tea – and can even fill the void left by your favourite glass of wine after a hard day. Horlicks is high in Vitamin D and calcium, Vitamin C and B12 and is a source of iron.

Taking care of mother and baby never tasted so good.



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