Baby and You

A holiday where you can truly relax

Discover the benefits of booking a holiday home with HomeAway when expecting

Holidays should be relaxing whatever your situation, but when you’re pregnant you need – and deserve – to enjoy as many home comforts as possible. Choosing to stay in a holiday home rather than a hotel is the perfect way to ensure you have all the contentment and convenience you require.

Your ideal holiday home will give you enough space to come and go as you please. Rather than being cooped up in a tight hotel room, you’ll enjoy the freedom of the entire property, allowing you to do as much or as little as you choose.

Flexibility is key at meal times too. Your fully equipped kitchen means you can prepare delicious, healthy meals that are important to your baby’s wellbeing, or top up the cupboards with your favourite snacks and cravings! No doubt you’ll want to dine out at local restaurants too, but the important thing is having the choice to do either.

When you rent a holiday home you get to appreciate the numerous small advantages you may not have considered. For example, there’s always a spare lounger by the pool so you don’t have to get up at the crack of dawn to reserve one. Plus you may value your privacy if you’re showing and feel conspicuous around strangers in your bikini.

In the weeks and months before your baby arrives, you’ll treasure spending quality time with your partner. Your final holiday before you welcome your little one into the world is your chance to escape the everyday routine and unwind together. HomeAway offers you over 1 million holiday home listings available across our global family of sites, so you’re sure of finding the one that suits you both. With sun-kissed villas, quaint cottages in the countryside and much more, you can discover your ideal holiday rental for a price that’s often much cheaper than a hotel room.

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