Baby and You


Welcome to the world, little one! Focusing on comfort, fit and sustainability as well as softness and “room to grow” designs, H&M has created a newborn and baby collection to support you both every step of the way.

The collection includes bodysuits, leggings, rompers, dresses, hats and blankets in white, melange greys, dusty pinks and soft blues, but there are also other pieces in various prints and warm yellow tones. All the cotton in the newborn and baby ranges is organic, recycled or more sustainability sourced. The majority of our newborn garments are made from organic cotton that has been certified by the Organic Content Standard or the Global Organic Textile Standard.

With the sensitive skin of newborns, special attention has been paid to the design of each piece. Bodies are made without side seams wherever possible, have a wrap opening for ease, and the perfect nappy fit with soft elastic around the leg opening. The newborn leggings are made without side seams wherever possible and there is soft elastic at the back of the stretchy feet to accommodate different sizes. The “room to grow” design for newborns includes details such as an additional row of press buttons and double-folded arms and waistbands so that the garment can be made longer in all directions. For older babies, soft seams and elasticated waistbands allow quick dressing and let the baby crawl, walk or play with ease.

“There are so many moments for parents to cherish, and we hope that these collections can at least take the guesswork out of dressing their little one. We also realise that babies outgrow their clothes quickly, so we have been keen to take more steps towards achieving a prolonged use. Along with the ‘room to grow’ details that prolong length of wear, we also encourage parents to pass on the outgrown pieces to siblings or other parents — or even join a swap shop! They can also always bring the clothes to our in-store Garment Collecting boxes for recycling,” says Sofia Löfstedt, H&M’s Head of Kidswear Design.” Read more about our conscious products



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