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When mums choose to breastfeed, Lansinoh believes they should have the support and encouragement they need to experience all its benefits, and ensure baby feels the same. We’ll always take our mothers seriously and their needs personally, creating high-quality products mums want and can trust as they nurture their babies and develop a special bond only formed in motherhood.

Breastfeeding is the most natural way to feed you baby, but it also takes time and practice to breastfeed your little one.


Steps for getting started with breastfeeding

Skin-to-skin contact helps release prolactin and oxytocin hormones. Prolactin generates milk in the glands, whilst oxytocin makes the milk flow. Once baby suckles at the breast, the milk ducts contract and flow begins. The process is called ‘let-down.

Achieving a good match is vital for smooth breastfeeding experience. You will see baby’s mouth opening wide to latch the areola after which suckling will begin.

Find a comfortable position for both you and baby. Bring your baby to you rather than leaning over them. Our breastfeeding pillow supports mums and baby with ease.

After the first few weeks of giving girth, the following are good signs that your baby is breastfeeding effectively, steady, weight gain, 6-8 wet nappies and 2 dirty nappies over a 24-hour period.

Take your time, relax and have a glass of water close. Breastfeeding is a new skill to be shared by you and your baby at your pace- a lesson you learn together.

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