Baby and You


Founded in 2005, the German company CYBEX develops safe, innovative and lifestyle-led infant and children’s products for parents, delivering car seats, baby carriers and strollers to more than 80 countries and employs over 200 talented associates worldwide.

The world of CYBEX is characterized by the desire not to only think the seemingly unthinkable but also to do it. This finds expression in the CYBEX D.S.F. Innovation Principle, which aims to combine distinctive Design, superior Safety and quality with ingenious Functionality. It is our mission to apply this three-pronged approach to the entire product line. Leading engineers work in close cooperation with reputable designers from all over the world. As a result, CYBEX products have won more than 250 awards for quality, design and safety.

With its unique approach CYBEX is more than just a mere designer and manufacturer of children’s goods. It is an innovative, lifestyle brand for parents that continues to push the boundaries separating design and function.

“Children are an amazing enrichment to our lives. We have made it our mission to help parents continue their personal lifestyles full of culture and excitement. We would therefore be very honoured if our products can help to integrate children in the continuation of their personal journey, sharing with them all its richness and wonder. After all, life doesn’t stop when we become parents, it is merely the beginning…” Martin Pos, CYBEX founder and father of two.

It comes as no surprise that CYBEX has caught the attention of the global media as well as international movie and television personalities. From Gisele Bündchen, Sarah Jessica Parker, Rihanna, Gwen Stefani, Amber Rose, Katherine Heigl and singer Fergie to Matt Damon and Matthew Broderick, CYBEX products have become the ultimate means of transport for babies.

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