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Why put a price on your child’s safety?

With your little bundle of joy being so priceless to you and your family, Bridgestone begs the question…

Why put a value on his or her safety?

Whether it’s done knowingly or not, countless parents drive around on all manner of dangerous tyres which can directly impact upon their wellbeing. Stopping distances increase, wet handling is compromised and all-round performance can be jeopardised to the point of an accident when substandard tyres are fitted to a car.

Let’s face it, those tyres are the only part of your car’s safety systems that actually touch the road, so why not make them as dependable as they can possibly be – even for the sake of a few extra pounds? As value for money goes, they are right up there with a sturdy baby buggy or pushchair, even if they’re a great deal less obvious.

Bridgestone, the world’s largest tyre manufacturer, is dedicated to delivering the highest possible standards of safety in all road and weather conditions and is on hand to state a case for mums choosing premium tyres over inferior alternatives.

And in an early baby shower gift to outlive many others, Bridgestone is giving away a set of premium tyres each month, in return to an artistic picture of your bundle of joy.

A safety pack will also accompany the tyres, including high visibility vest and other essential items, to sit in the boot of your car in case of a breakdown.

To stand a chance of winning the much sought after premium products and safety pack, simply visit Bridgestone’s UK Facebook page, like it and upload a photo.

Each month, the prizes will be given to the most professionally taken photo, as judged by Bridgestone, and the tyres will then be allocated and arranged for fitting.

In a recent test published last month by German magazine GTU(1), a comparison was made between a premium tyre manufacturer and six low-cost tyres. The difference in braking distances in the wet was as high as 39ft while the residual speed between the premium and worst rated tyre was 27mph. This clearly underlines the vast gap that often lies between premium and low-cost tyres in terms of safety.

Bridgestone is dedicated to delivering the highest possible standards of safety in all road and weather conditions, in all regions of the world and at all times of the year. The brand’s latest generation of tyres set new standards for grip, manoeuvrability and reliability, even in extreme conditions.

With so much to think about for expectant mums at this most magical time, Bridgestone appreciates that tyres might not be number one item on that ever-lengthening list. But when they assume such relevance when your little one

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