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Your baby’s first breaths – why clean air matters

The impact of indoor air pollution on a baby’s life, especially during the first year, is overlooked by many parents.

The air that a baby breathes during its first year is critical for building their immune system and preventing them from developing allergies in the future. Exposure to indoor air pollution during the first years of life is also known to have a negative effect on children’s respiratory health and cognitive abilities.

What few know is that indoor air is on average five times more polluted than the outdoor air. Put simply, our homes contain everything from dust, bacteria, viruses, smoke, scented candles, to chemicals and plastics from paint, furniture, air fresheners, and stain removers. Add to that the polluted outdoor air making its way into our homes through ventilation, and you’ve got a cocktail of toxins floating around between your four walls.

Good news is that you can easily control the air your baby breathes. By putting an air purifier in the nursery, you will remove the gases and particles in the air so that the air surrounding your baby is safe. You can also put an air purifier in the car, where the air can be up to 15 times more polluted than the air on the road outside.

Check list for a baby friendly indoor air

• Cigarette smoke – don’t allow smoking indoors
• Chemical cleaning detergents
• Heavily scented personal hygiene products, such as perfume and hair sprays
• Candles, especially scented ones
• Open fires (without good ventilation)
• Carpeting, vinyl and linoleum flooring
• Non-natural textiles

• Washing the baby’s clothes before use with a mild detergent
• Airing out all new furniture well in time for the baby’s arrival
• Not painting or putting in carpets for six months before the baby’s born
• Monitor the air quality in the baby’s room
• Letting an air purifier run 24/7

• Having only plastic-free toys made of wood or natural rubber
• Using organic, natural fabrics and textiles

How to choose an air purifier for the nursery

AHAM certification
There are lots of air purifiers out there, but their effectiveness can vary. Look for
the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM) label to ensure that the
performance has been third party tested. Blueair Classic 405 is rated Best in test
among air purifiers in the UK and recently received the Which? Best Buy on Best on test Which?

Room Size
The size of your nursery should influence the air purifier that you choose. All AHAM certified air purifiers will indicate the room size that will ensure that the air in your baby’s room is cleaned 5 times an hour.

The Energy Star logo ensures that the product uses a minimum amount of energy, which in turn helps you save money and the environment. All Blueair air purifiers consume less energy than a light bulb. And don’t worry about noise levels, thanks to the unique Blueair HEPASilent™ technology, the products are whisper silent.

Colour your home
Blue by Blueair is a colourful range of high performing air purifiers that are perfect for your child’s room. The innovative design comes in red, blue, and grey.

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