Baby and You



Babywearing in a baby carrier has many benefits for you and your baby! Your baby feels safe and loved in your arms and your closeness strengthens the important parent-child bond. A crying baby is often comforted as soon as mom or dad picks them up, and carrying a colicky baby in a baby carrier may help to ease their symptoms. The closeness means that you can communicate naturally with your baby – while keeping your hands free. It’s impossible to spoil a newborn baby with too much closeness!


  1. Shoulder straps and waist belt

Padded shoulder straps and a waist belt are essential for carrying a larger child for longer sessions in the baby carrier.


  1. Wide-leg position

A wide-leg position for the child distributes the child’s weight across a larger part of the waist belt.


  1. Properly adjusted

Make sure the baby carrier is properly adjusted for your body. You will find information about how to adjust your specific baby carrier in the Owner’s Manual.


  1. Vary the center of gravity

Are your shoulders getting tired? Loosen the shoulder straps to transfer more of the weight to your hips.


  1. Vary the carrying position

Vary between carrying your child against your chest and on your back.


  1. The child’s position

Make sure the child is sitting straight in the baby carrier and not leaning to one side. Check in a mirror!


  1. Carry close

The closer your baby is to your body, the closer your baby’s center of gravity is to yours, which makes carrying even more comfortable.






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