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Authentic Greek Yoghurt

Our Story

Our story begins back in 1954, when George Tsinavos, company’s founder, opened a small pastry shop in Serres, North Greece.


Today, after a successful 65 years route and continued investment, Kri Kri is one of the most reputable and fastest growing companies in the dairy industry, with a dynamic export activity in 30 countries.


My Authentic Greek yogurt by Kri Kri


My Authentic Greek yogurt by Kri Kri is a naturally strained yogurt, made with 100% Greek milk, collected daily from certified farms at the fertile valley near the Lake Kerkini, Northern Greece. The sunshine of the valley, the rich flora and the unique fauna make up an ideal natural environment for our herd of cows, resulting in our milk being one of superior quality.


Within only 24 hours, and by following the original straining process carried out for centuries, our milk becomes a rich and creamy yogurt with a delicious taste and a high nutritional value.


Loaded with Protein

Compared to standard yogurts, Greek has almost double the amount of protein, which is essential for bones and cartilage, while it also helps maintain muscle mass.


Tasty source of Calcium

It is a great source of calcium, which is key for healthy bones and teeth, as well as blood and nerve function.


Good for Digestion

It has live and active cultures that improve your digestive health and keep the bacteria in your gut healthy, while also giving a boost to your immune system.



Enjoy My Authentic Greek yogurt by Kri Kri with fresh fruits, cereals or honey for a healthy and tasty breakfast, or use it in recipes as a healthy substitute to heavy ingredients.


My Authentic Greek yogurt by Kri Kri is available in 0% and 10% fat varieties at 170g, 500g and 1kg packaging.




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