Baby and You


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As your body changes during your pregnancy, you may find that your skin feels especially sensitive.

Fluctuating hormones, together with your skin stretching and tightening can cause it to lose elasticity and moisture, which in turn may leave your skin feeling dry, itchy and more sensitive.

Mildly cleansing and regularly moisturising your skin can help relieve these symptoms.

Products that contain minimal ingredients and are mild to skin are a good choice for you and your baby during this period of change.

That’s why Sanex developed Zero % range of shower gels and deodorants. They have been developed with minimal number of ingredients to keep your skin clean and healthy and nothing else.

At Sanex we are dedicated to helping people maintain healthy skin and are committed to a strict ingredient and fragrance policy. Our products are dermatologically tested and are available for all skin types, even sensitive.




Baby on board

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