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NurtureFirst : Supporting the First 1000 Days of Life

Seeing your baby on a screen and hearing its heartbeat can be a really exciting event. Whether you’re interested to know your baby’s gender or just to ask for a photo, the mid-pregnancy anomaly scan’s main purpose is to look for any physical abnormalities in the baby. The scan only looks for these problems and cannot find everything that might be wrong.

In most cases, the scan will show that the baby appears to be developing normally, but sometimes the sonographer will find or suspect a problem. Some abnormalities are not diagnosed till later and others such as Diabetes or Cancer can’t be diagnosed on an Ultrasound scan.

NurtureFirst was created by two parents, after they both had children who were born with serious medical conditions. They quickly realised that they needed some extra support at this unique time as they learnt this was not something that was covered by traditional private medical insurance. They decided to create NurtureFirst to help others going through the same experience. They developed the product with the assistance of Dr. John Fysh, an expert paediatrician from the Portland Hospitals. Dr. Fysh decided to join the company as their Chief Medical Officer.

NurtureFirst is a bespoke insurance policy and support package covering your unborn child from a clear 20 week scan until 2 years old. All policyholders have access to a personal nurse support service for advice and emotional support. In the event of a claim being made, parents receive a lump sum benefit to spend however is best for their family, be that extending parental leave, going part-time to be able to attend medical appointments or buying some specialist equipment for their child. To find out more about how NurtureFirst can support your growing family, please visit



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