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Like all nutrients, iron plays a vital role during pregnancy. As pregnancy progresses, your blood volume will gradually increase and so will your iron need. A baby’s development and growth needs iron and this is dependent on the mother’s iron intake. A healthy balanced diet, with iron-rich foods should provide most of the iron you need during pregnancy and also allow your baby to build its iron stores which should last the first six months of his or her life. Your doctor or midwife will monitor your iron levels during pregnancy and in many some cases where diet alone is insufficient an iron supplement may be recommended*.

Why Spatone®?

  • There’s nothing else like Spatone®

Spatone® is a naturally sourced liquid iron supplement that comes from a single source in Snowdonia.

  • Taking Spatone® helps ensure your daily absorbed iron intake

Spatone® is easily absorbed and is ideal for people who might not be getting enough iron from their diets.

  • Spatone® is gentle and easily absorbed

This means less unabsorbed iron enters the intestinal tract, therefore causing fewer unpleasant gastric effects often experienced by those taking typical iron supplements.

  • Spatone® is packaged in convenient, easy-to-use individual sachets

These single-serve sachets easily fit in a pocket or a bag, which means you can take Spatone® wherever life takes you.

Spatone® is suitable for:

  • Pregnant and post-natal women*
  • Vegetarians and athletes
  • All over 2 years old

Available in two variants:

  • Spatone® Original: Naturally sourced iron-rich water
  • Spatone® Apple: Iron-rich water with vitamin C and a delicious apple taste.

Vitamin C increases the absorption of iron in the body, that’s why each sachet of Spatone Apple includes 100% of your NRV (Nutrient Reference Value) of vitamin C.

How to take Spatone®?

To use, simply take it straight from the sachet. In the case of Spatone® Original you can also dilute it in juice high in vitamin C to increase iron absorption. To get the most out of Spatone®, it is advised to take on an empty stomach. It’s best to allow a 30-45 minute gap before eating or drinking.

Available at and selected Boots, Holland & Barrett, Tesco, Superdrug, Sainsbury’s, pharmacies & health stores.

For more information, please visit

*If you are pregnant or breast-feeding, always consult your doctor or midwife before taking Spatone. Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.



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